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05-09-2023 to 05-14-2023

S3 Gaushala Foundation is organizing the first of its kind, “Shiva Shakthi Maha Yagnam” in MD from May 9-14, 2023 and details are in below flyer.

Shiva Shakti Maha Yagnam

To Register for the Event please use the Link :

Per slot suggested minimum/Yatha Shakthi Donation
1 session – $251
2 sessions – $201 each
3 sessions *or more* – $151 each
Morning Session : 8am – 12pm
Evening Session: 4pm – 8pm

To make a donation via PayPal (or credit/debit card)

To donate via Zelle, please use the following email:

To donate via Venmo, use the following handle:

Blessings for Shiva Shakti Maha Yagnam

Benefits of Shiva Shakti MahaYagna

The Shiv Shakti Maha Yagnam resolves all graha doshas and enables a variety of benefits, including improved health, better relationships ( family/friends), better employment/business, and most importantly an increase in intellect and spiritual development. Particularly, yagnas such as Medha Dakshinamurthy are very important for all children.As a result of the yagna phala, all participants will receive blessings from their ancestors, Gurus, and Ishta Devathas.

1. Navagraha homa will eradicate all graha doshas.
2. Gayatri homa will give right direction at the right time
3. Samputitha homa provides resources, opportunities, removes obstacles , grief, and bestows prosperity.
4. Rudra parayana / Mahamrityunjaya homa fosters spiritual growth, healing, mental serenity, courage, and karmic cleansing.
5. Subramanya Swami Homa Brings wisdom, bliss, protects against evil force, and removes Kalasarpa dosha.
6. Dhanvantari homa restores health , strengthens mind and body.
Chandi Homa removes all Navagraha doshas, making the impossible possible and overcoming negative thinking.