About Us

Gaushala in Memphis is part of a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and improving the lives of cows in our community and beyond.

What do we do at Gaushala

Our gaushala is active year-round, with activities and events happening at various times.

Some of our activities include:

Our Mission

Our Mission is to protect cows and spread the message of kindness. We believe that kindness to animals leads to kindness to humans and hence a peaceful world. We spread the message of importance of cow protection and educate people on the significance of cows in building a sustainable ecosystem for our future generations.

Ancient Indian Sanathana Dharma based on Vedic Philosophy profoundly declares human society can achieve extraordinary strength and stable collective mind (physical and spiritual) by doing Gau (Cow) Seva. Gau (Cow) also provides milk and milk products bundled with essential nutrients which help to maintain a healthy physical body. It is our primary duty and responsibility to respect and strengthen our bond by taking care of cows. We also need to treat the old and sick cows with respect as they have done their part and delivered essential life sustaining products to humanity.

Healthy & happy

We take care of more than 200 Gir cows mostly from Gujarat, India

We provide nutritious vegetarian feed for our cows daily, supplemental to the hay bales we set up and grass that they graze outside. Any milk from our cows is only for their calves.

We have been active in Memphis, TN, for 5 years

About S3 Foundation

The Shraddha Saburi Samidha is a registered 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization that hopes to accomplish the following: